60 Minute Live Consultation

When You Have to Waive the Home Inspection

If you’ve had to waive the home inspection, the 60 Minute Live Consultation is your best option for being able to feel confidence in the property you’ll be considering making an offer on! 

It’s like having that family member along with you to walk the property, notice any “red flags”, let you know about the things you should expect to replace soon after moving in… and, of course, to set your heart at ease with respect to those things in the home which are in good shape!…

…Except that handy / knowledgeable relative is actually a licensed, professional home inspector (who will be objective!). 

Sometimes, homebuyers find themselves in a position where they are considering waiving their right to a home inspection. This is obviously NOT ideal. Perhaps it’s done in an effort to make a competitive offer on a “hot home”. Or maybe it’s due to a crazy real estate market–we’ve seen this a few times in the last few years!

To respond to a market where this sort of scenario has unfortunately become more common, we’ve introduced a new service–the “60 Minute Live Consultation”.

The goal of this 60 Minute Live Consultation aims to:

  • Help our clients further understand the condition of the property before submitting an offer to purchase the Property.
  • Identify any significant “red flags” that could be spotted by the trained eye during a cursory consultation or walk-through of the property (i.e. during a showing window, pre-sale).
  • Be time-saving, low-cost option when a full home inspection is not feasible. This overview offers a quick understanding of the home.

What makes this 60 Minute Live Consultation different from a normal home inspection?

Home Inspection

  • Follows the NJ Standards of Practice
  • Full use of tools, ladders, etc.
  • Findings communicated in a full inspection report
  • Pictures taken during inspection
  • No strict time limit (typically 3 hours or more in length)
  • NOT an option for listings which do not allow for home inspections

60 Minute Live Consultation

  • Does not follow NJ Standards of Practice (or any other SOP), since it is not a home inspection
  • Flashlight is the ONLY tool used
  • Findings communicated orally (no report)
  • No pictures; client follows along & takes notes as needed
  • 1 hour maximum (if longer, additional rate is applied)
  • A great option to bring in a trained professional, for listings which do not allow for home inspections

60 Minute Live Consultation