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With every home inspection, we provide our Essential Home Maintenance Guide PDF at no additional cost. This extensive 129-page resource, valued at $19.99, is filled with crucial information and tips to help you maintain your home effectively and efficiently.

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Highly recommend INSPECC Pros. They inspected the property as if it was their home. They took the time and walked me through their findings. Thank you for giving me peace of mind.
Adam holds many certifications that enable him to provide a thorough home inspection. He brings a tried and true practiced approach and a high tech approach to make sure there are no surprises, and keeps you informed throughout the process. Price is good, skill set is excellent, speed of final report is amazing. Highest recommendation.
ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED! The crew arrived on time and ready to go. Our tech Adam took his time throughout the process and I appreciated how well he explained to me any issues or potential issues in the home. He is thorough, professional and trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone.
I just purchased a house and waived inspection just so I can secure the deal (it’s a crazy market out there!). Anyway, I found Adam on google along with 2 other inspectors. However, Adam was super responsive and was able to inspect my house the next day! Also, the price was unbeatable. I highly recommend him! A+++
I highly recommend this company. Not only did they provide top notch service they also made sure my son’s room was inspected for any unwanted creatures (which my son loved). This was a special touch to the inspection. Thanks INSPECC PROS for your help! You guys rock!
I called the office and was able to get an appointment the same day. Adam and his son was very professional they were on time and very efficient in the job they had to do. Would refer them to all my family and friends

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Most frequent questions and answers

An residential home inspection is a visual examination of the structure and systems of a building. If you are thinking of buying a home, condominium, mobile home, duplex or commercial building, you should have it thoroughly inspected before the final purchase by an experienced and impartial professional inspector.


The purchase of a home is one of the single largest investments most people will ever make. You should be as informed and educated as you possibly can when considering a home purchase. A residential home inspection can provide that education. Many mortgage lenders do require or strongly recommend a home inspection be performed.


No. A residential home inspection evaluates the condition of the structure and systems within that structure. An appraisal determines the fair market value of the structure based on size, location, and recent sales of like structures in a geographical area.


An average residential home inspection will take between 2 and 3+ hours, depending on the size of the house. Larger and more complex houses will take longer for the inspector to completely and accurately evaluate. Another factor that may affect the inspection time is the relative condition of the components at the property. If the house and appliances have not been properly maintained, the inspector may need additional time to explain to the buyer what options they have to either maintain or replace the items.

A home inspection includes a complete inspection includes a visual examination of the building from top to bottom. The inspector evaluates and reports the condition of the structure, roof, foundation, drainage, plumbing, heating system, central air-conditioning system, visible insulation, walls, windows, and doors. Only those items that are visible and accessible by normal means are included in the report.


A typical home inspection is an introduction to the house and is focused on informing and educating the client about the property. A code inspector, on the other hand, works for the local municipality and enforces the local and state codes with little or no concern for the buyer’s understanding of these codes. A code inspection does not communicate whether or not the house was well constructed.

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