Prices are based on various factors including the size (square footage), age of the property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, basement or crawl space, attached or detached garage or carport. We also offer special services like (Mold testing, Termite inspection, Pool & Spa). Once we receive this information and process it we are able to give you a fair and competitive price. Prices are subject to change.

Inspection Estimator

INSPECTION ESTIMATOR by inspeccpros.com | 856-301-3492
This inspection estimator is for your convenience and prices might differ. For an even more accurate price please call or text us! 856-301-3492. For Multi-Family, Commercial, Drone and other inspection services please contact us for pricing. *If prices are not adding correctly please refresh the page and start a new quote.
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Emergency Inspection Service

If you have an emergency situation that requires a last minute inspection, INSPECC Pros may be able to help! for an added premium please consider using our Emergency Inspection Service. This service is subject to availability. Call for pricing and additional information.